koppieuniversPeter Achterberg (1977) is professor of sociology at Tilburg University. Peter is a cultural sociologist with a general interest in studying cultural, political, and religious change in the West. Much of his work deals with the question of how people attribute meaning to the changing world surrounding them, whether these meanings have consequences for their behavior, and, of course, how these (changing and differing) meanings can be explained.

Now and in the near future his research agenda is focused on answering three inter-related questions: Do cultural processes such as individualization and globalization erode the legitimacy of social institutions (such as the welfare state, political parties, scientific and judicial institutions etcetera)?; How do these processes lead to the formation of new cultures, traditions, and institutions (rising populism, changing welfare cultures, religious revival among the young, etcetera)?And, what are the consequences of these cultural changes for social behavior and interaction (political- and science communication, social conformity, etcetera)?

Peter considers himself to be a sociologist with a strong focus on the combination of theory with empirical facts. Having neither a strong preference for either qualitative or quantitative research, his specialty surely lies within the field of the latter. Recently Peter has started to use survey experiments on nationally representative samples.

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SDVTogether with Tim Reeskens, Peter is currently active on a blog called: De Socioloog des Vaderlands. Follow them on Facebook or on twitter!